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Sofradir and Onera to work on IR research project

Sofradir and Onera have agreed a five-year research and innovation project aimed at developing infrared detection technologies. The project will look to provide OEMs with more highly advanced capabilities in thermal imaging.

Philippe Bensussan, chairman and CEO of Sofradir, said: ‘Onera is known for its vision, vast knowledge and expertise in aerospace and defence system design. We are excited about leading future developments in IR detection. We have high expectations about what these advantages will bring to our customers.’ 

The project aims to accelerate the transfer of Onera’s research to Sofradir. The team will carry out research on and develop new techniques for infrared detectors, such as integrated optics, greater compactness, and improved functionality and performance of thermal imaging equipment.

Sofradir and Onera have previously successfully collaborated on other research projects involving infrared detection. This Partner Research Innovation (PRI) agreement, a new type of French public-private contract enabling the transfer of technology from Onera to industry, is the first the two organisations have signed together.


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