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New members join MVTec partner programme

Adlink, Crevis, Kappa, Matrix Vision, and Sentech have joined the MVTec Image Acquisition Partner (IAP) programme. The programme was founded two years ago by MVTec Software during the Vision show in Stuttgart and now has 33 qualified members worldwide.

'At the beginning, we could not anticipate this rapid growth of the MVTec Image Acquisition Partner programme,' declared MVTec's product manager Christoph Zierl.

The MVTec IAP programme aims to provide a high level of support and flexibility for the customer. It enables customers to choose the image acquisition device best suited to the application and connect it to MVTec software (Halcon or ActivVisionTools). Thus, MVTec maintains a close relationship with manufacturers of cameras and frame grabbers. This partnership leads to a deeper understanding of each other's products and ensures easy integration of software and hardware.


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