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MoD enhances thermal weaponry

Qioptiq, a UK developer of night vision equipment, has supplied a variant of its VIPIR-2 thermal weapon sight family to the UK MoD in support of the recent Synergistic Individual Surveillance & Target Acquisition (SISTA) programme.

Qioptiq's VIPIR-2+ thermal weapon sight is a longer-range variant of the UK MoD’s Light Weight Thermal Imager (LWTI), which was further adapted to meet the requirements of the SISTA-equipped soldier.

The VIPIR2+F will be deployed alongside other variants already in service and will be supported by the wide range of equipment currently deployed.

David Marks, managing director Qioptiq, said: 'Qioptiq is extremely proud to be involved with the delivery of enhanced capability to our UK forces deployed on operations. Our involvement in the SISTA programme has further demonstrated that Qioptiq is committed to supporting our troops, and we will continue to do so when called upon by UK Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S).'


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