Medical Discovery Tour to run at Vision 2012

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Vision 2012, the international trade fair for machine vision held in Stuttgart from 6-8 November, will run the Medical Discovery Tour (MDT) for the second time. The Tour will include exhibitors presenting machine vision components or application solutions for medical technology.

The Medical Discovery Tour was highly successful at last year’s Vision. ‘The additional programme of the Medical Discovery Tour was a key element. It was worthwhile for our company to take part in this special event,’ said John Phillips, senior product manager at Pleora Technologies, Canada.

‘We are again seeing great interest in the Medical Discovery Tour this year,’ commented Florian Niethammer, Vision project manager at Messe Stuttgart.

In addition to the machine vision industry itself, the electrotechnical and electronics industries, the automotive industry plus automotive component suppliers and the mechanical engineering industry, the medical technology industry is now one of the five main visitor target groups of the trade fair.

According to a current survey of the German machine vision industry conducted by the VDMA Machine Vision Group, machine vision sales in the medical devices sector again rose above average from 2010 to 2011 by almost 46 per cent. Medical devices therefore account for over 3 per cent of total vision sales in Germany.

The trade fair is expected to attract over 350 exhibitors and more than 7,000 visitors in its 25th anniversary year.

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