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Successful expansion of frame grabber provider

Leutron Vision’s move from solely providing frame grabbers to offering camera systems too has proved successful, with a predicted double-digit growth in profit over the next three years.

'We have succeeded in transferring all the expertise gathered in our 25 years in the frame-grabber business into our PicSight range of cameras,' said Meinrad Simnacher, the company’s managing director. 'Users know how beneficial this is. And for this reason, we are expecting to see high, double-figure growth in turnover over the next two to three years.'

The company provides highly adaptable, modular concept of the cameras, which offer more than 300 possible variants, allowing users to configure the cameras to their individual applications. They offer a selection of 28 different types of CCD or CMOS imagers, with resolutions of up to 5 Megapixels and frame rates of up to 200fps at VGA format.


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