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Laser scanning improves accuracy of garage door production

Laser profile scanners from Micro-Epsilon are being used by a company manufacturing garage doors to measure the dimensional accuracy of key and slot joints.

The door sections are opened and closed frequently and so require a robust yet permanently flexible key and slot joint. This is particularly important where there are significant temperature fluctuations or inaccurate dimensions, which could result in the door being positioned incorrectly making it difficult to lock.

After curing, the shape and dimensional accuracy of the door panels – particularly around the key and slot joint areas – must be inspected in order to detect any deviations from the specification. Any decoration used on the door panels must also not affect the metal film to door is formed from.

The measurement of the key and slot joints is carried out using Micro-Epsilon’s scanControl 2710-50 laser profile scanner. To translate the measurement data into the format required by the customer, the output unit of the laser scanner is used. A datum point, to which all calculations and measurements are performed, is defined within the profile. These results are transmitted to the production line control room so that any deviations within the strip process can be compensated for.

The scanControl 2710 series is ideal for industrial automation tasks, including robotics and machine building applications, where space is often restricted. The compact design, integrated controller and easy-to-use set up software, enable users to quickly mount the sensor onto robot arms, inspection equipment or into their production lines. The sensor can be used to measure the profile of adhesive beading, weld seams, channels, grooves, gaps, angles and steps, as well as for parts recognition, traceability and robot guidance/positioning.

The system works in two ways: either in a stationary mode, with the sensor fixed and looking at moving targets, or in a scanning mode, where the sensor works in combination with a motion control device or robot. The sensor uses an innovative CMOS array with a real-time, high-speed electronic shutter (rather than conventional rolling shutters), which captures the entire profile and processes the information instantaneously.


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