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Edmund Optics expands manufacturing operations

Edmund Optics is expanding its global manufacturing operations in 2013, particularly in its coating and asphere markets.

'Despite the current economic environment, our customers have asked for more capabilities and capacity in several core competencies - and we plan to deliver. We are here to service the customer, and that remains our primary mission,' noted Robert Edmund, chief executive officer.

In addition to recent manufacturing expansions in the EO Singapore facility and EO Akita, Japan location, Edmund Optics will further invest in its domestic manufacturing operations consolidating its Pennsburg facility into the corporate headquarters location in Barrington, New Jersey.

'Manufacturing in the United States is a challenging proposition,' said Samuel Sadoulet, chief operating officer. 'It is therefore critical to bring these resources closer to the heart of our engineering operation. Positioning our manufacturing engineers alongside our technical sales, product management, and supply chain teams will ultimately deliver a better experience to the customer - more engineering talent dedicated to every project.'

Building on current coating expertise, Edmund Optics will be investing in additional coating and metrology equipment at both the Singapore and Akita plants, including the installation of a Shincron Coater, a three-chamber machine with lock-and-load capabilities for cost-efficient precision coatings in volume. Advanced optical metrology equipment, previously used at EO Pennsburg, will be relocated to Singapore and Akita, providing industry leading quality testing capabilities.

Domestic operations in Barrington, NJ, will focus on both asphere and coating technology and process development, including the creation of a high precision thin films lab.


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