HD Vision Systems wins Vision Start-up competition

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Benedikt Karolus, COO of HD Vision Systems

German firm HD Vision Systems has won Messe Stuttgart's and VDMA Machine Vision's inaugural start-up competition.

HD Vision Systems was founded in 2017 and is now conducting a number of pilot projects with its Lumiscan camera. LumiscanX computes a 3D image from 13 discrete 1.2-megapixel cameras built into one housing. The camera has been designed for robotics, automation and quality inspection.

Without Vision Stuttgart this year, Messe Stuttgart and VDMA Machine Vision organised the start-up pitch session to showcase new technology from young companies. HD Vision Systems was voted the winner from six firms, which covered innovations in computer vision to vision designed for the construction industry.

Benedikt Karolus, COO of HD Vision Systems, commented: 'As early as 2016 as a university project and 2018 as a newly founded start-up, we were able to win our first customer and make many valuable contacts at the trade fair in Stuttgart.' He added that five minutes after the end of the competition, the firm received a customer enquiry.

The event had 35 applications, from which six finalists were chosen. Jury member, Dr Klaus-Henning Noffz, director of new business development at Basler and chairman of the board of directors of the VDMA Machine Vision division, said: 'There were a lot of exciting submissions, many with non-industrial applications. The selection of the six finalists from the 35 entries was very difficult for the jury. This shows how dynamic the industry is and how much potential vision technology has. It is particularly interesting to see how quickly start-ups are turning the technologies of the future into business ideas.'

The other finalists were: K Lens, MX Automotive, PreML, Software Entwicklung Naser, and Visometry. As the winner, HD Vision Systems is able to participate at Vision 2021 for free, at the Start-up World area.

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