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Endoscopy camera wins medical device award

A stereo camera module has been recognised as the most innovative new electronic component for the medical device industry at the annual industry gathering Medica, held 20 to 23 November in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The miniature size stereo camera was developed by image sensor provider Awaiba and measures just 1 x 2.2 x 1.6mm. The camera is small enough to be integrated into medical endoscopes used for micro-invasive surgery.

The Device Med Award is attributed annually by leading journalists of the medical component market for the most innovative technologies and devices.

The introduction of stereoscopy into endoscopes increases the precision of an operation and may reduce the duration and cost of surgical procedures while reducing the risk to the patient. Combined with 3D data reconstruction the camera can also take accurate measurements and facilitate in body navigation and tool operation.

Awaiba’s technology also bears the potential to reduce the production cost of such modules to a level they can be introduced in disposable ‘one-time-use’ products. One-time-use products reduce the risk of patient infection and may allow surgery to take place outside the hospital operation theatre at local doctors’ offices, which will greatly reduce the total cost of a procedure.

Martin Wäny, founder and CEO of Awaiba, commented after the award ceremony: ‘The award does not only recognise Awaiba for its leading technology, but the fact that a camera module won over other electronics components such as the electronic components used in ultrasound imaging, pumps, pacemakers and ECG equipment shows the increased awareness of vision and 3D imaging technology in the med-tech sector.’


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