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Telops awarded cooled long wave IR camera contract by US Navy

Telops has been awarded a contract by the United States' Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) for a cooled very long wave infrared camera that will be used by the NAVAIR Warfare Center (NAWC) in Maryland.

Telops’ cooled very long wave infrared camera will be used by the NAWC’s Patuxent River Infrared Signature Measurements (PRISM) Team. The camera has Telops’ patented real-time temperature calibration feature and processed and calibrated images are available instantly from the device. The NAWC's PRISM team work on technologies for the thermal imaging, spectral analysis and tracking of targets, whether they are ships, aircraft or missiles.

Telops' sales and marketing vice president, Paul Chabot, said: ‘We are delighted to collaborate with such a world class organisation as NAVAIR’s PRISM Team. We are proud that our unique infrared camera will support their efforts to provide the capabilities…for conducting research, development, test and evaluation of naval aircraft, weapons and associated systems.’

Telops has also developed its new HD-IR 1280 high definition scientific infrared camera, the FAST-IR 1000 that records at 1,000fps and the Hyper-Cam, a lightweight and compact hyperspectral-imaging sensor.


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