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EMVA Young Professional Award given for new approach to 3D digitisation

The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has presented its Young Professional Award to Tolga Birdal from the Technical University of Munich, for the development of a new approach to 3D digitisation. The prize was given during the 14th EMVA business conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, which took place 9-11 June.

Birdal's work proposes reconstruction-via-detection framework, a new and effective approach to 3D digitisation from a limited number of unordered and unstructured 3D point clouds. The new method sets itself apart from other 3D systems due to its ability to integrate the CAD model – available in a wide range of industrial applications – directly into the reconstruction pipeline.

With the help of the CAD model, many existing problems have been re-addressed and improved – namely matching, segmentation, hypotheses rejection and global refinement. The result is a clutter aware, robust and flexible 3D reconstruction system, which can operate online within a couple of seconds and provide live user feedback along with the automatic object segmentation. This framework removes the requirement of manual intervention other than acquiring the 3D data.

Birdal’s method retains the accuracy of the 3D sensor in the final result, as the technique doesn't use approximations such as voxelisation or smoothing. This way, very large objects can be efficiently scanned with only a handful of shots. All these technological advancements are fused into an application, where steam turbine casings and ventils are digitised and inspected using laser scanners. The inspection results are evaluated using photogrammetry systems, demonstrating (sub)millimetre-level accuracy.

The EMVA Young Professional Award is an annual prize that honours the outstanding and innovative work of a student or a young professional in the field of machine vision or image processing. With the award, the EMVA intends to encourage students to focus on challenges in the field of machine vision and to apply latest research results and findings in computer vision to the practical needs of the industry.

The 15th EMVA Business Conference will take place from 22 – 24 June 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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