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Xenics broadens presence in international markets

Xenics has opened new sales offices in North and South America, and installed a fully owned sales and manufacturing subsidiary in Singapore, named sInfraRed. As a European-based provider of ad­vanced infrared solutions, Xenics has also expanded its distribution coverage throughout its most important sales territories, such as India, South Africa and Korea. Xenics' mid- and long-term business outlook calls for adopting mass production of high-quality infrared cameras in lower price ranges, as well as continuing to develop advanced camera systems offering higher resolution, faster speed and better sensitivity.

'We are broadening our product portfolio as well as our strategic presence in the world markets, changing from a mainly technology-driven to a fully mar­ket-driven approach,' Xenics founder and CEO Bob Grietens said. 'In addi­tion to our fast growing business in advanced InGaAs SWIR imagers, we are ready to enter the markets for uncooled bolometer solutions based on our ex­tended and application oriented R&D portfolio.'


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