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EMVA and AIA sign market research cooperation

The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) and the North American AIA have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of market research. The associations will now provide quarterly market reports compatible to each other.

In order to achieve such compatibility, both market report formats will consist of a two page study detailing turnover per product category, growth history and growth expectation. The data will take the form of a market report as opposed to an industry report.

EMVA board of directors member Gabriele Jansen said: ‘I am very happy that the market data research of both large international associations is now aligned so that both data sets can be compared and joined.’

The cooperation means both associations will distribute the combined quarterly tracking report to their respective contributing companies. This means that companies providing data to the European report will also receive the quarterly North American data, even if they did not contribute to the US report, and vice versa. The same will be true of the annual combined tracking report.

The cooperation is intended to bring significant additional value to each association's members. EMVA will continue to research Europe region by region and provide specific country reports to the EMVA members.


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