EG Electronics expands into UK machine vision market

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Swedish electronics company, EG Electronics, has opened operations in Brighton, UK that will offer machine vision products and expertise.

The company plans to expand its product range with machine vision equipment, and has established channel partner agreements with Sony Image Sensing Solutions for machine vision cameras and Hitachi Electronics for its Chassis cameras.

The sales office will provide local support for the UK and Ireland, complementing EG Electronics’ existing offices in the Nordic and Asia regions.

Julian Parfitt, formerly of Framos, is the managing director for EG Electronics in the UK, and has long experience working within the display, imaging and positioning market.

EG Electronics has more than 90 years’ experience in the industrial market, with its roots in the field of display systems and electromechanics. The company offers solutions for various industries, from commercial vehicles, aerospace and defence to telecom and medical equipment and represents multiple technologies from leading manufacturers worldwide.

The new operations will bring further product categories of imaging and machine vision, positioning, timing and RFID, which are excellent additions to the company’s existing product categories of displays, embedded computers, storage, semiconductors, RF and microwave, EMC/shielding, thermal management, and electromechanics.

Elisabet Österlund, CEO for EG Electronics, commented: ‘We believe that these [machine vision] technologies together with the skills of Julian Parfitt and the global EG team is a combination for success.’

Parfitt added: ‘We are very excited to open the new UK operation and pleased with the addition of the new product categories for machine vision, positioning and timing and RFID. The new organisation will allow EG Electronics to provide it’s unique product portfolio and range of services to the UK and Ireland markets with further global developments planned.’

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