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Digital Control Engineering joins MVTec Software's partner programme

Italian system integrator, Digital Control Engineering, has joined MVTec Software's partner programme as its twentieth member. This programme features engineering companies that excel in providing high quality solutions based on MVTec software (Halcon and ActivVisionTools).

The MVTec Certified Integration Partner Program was launched in 2006 to create a worldwide community of proven engineering companies that implement machine vision applications with MVTec software.

'I am pleased to see the MVTec Certified Integration Partner Program continuously growing,' said Dr Olaf Munkelt, MVTec's managing director. 'Being in a situation with a rapidly changing market, it is of great importance to serve as a reliable partner to the customer to anticipate their requirements and to jointly work on solutions. That's what the CI-Partners stand for. Also in the future we will continue to provide benefits for our customers by means of innovations within MVTec products and the competence of our CI-Partners.'

In 2009, the following companies have been newly certified: Machine Vision Consulting (USA), Escad Automation (Germany), Resolution Technology (USA), Digital Control Engineering (Italy), and Kilby di Penocchio Francesco (Italy).


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