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Brickstream signs up Human Recognition Systems

Brickstream has signed a reseller agreement with Human Recognition Systems Limited (HRS), which will allow HRS to represent and sell Brickstream's Clarity Video Analytic Appliance. 

The Clarity appliance is an IP-addressable appliance that uses PoE. Clarity is a true 'at the edge' intelligent video analytic appliance; requiring no other hardware or software, to cost effectively deliver consistent, reliable and accurate people counting, queuing and tracking data, with real-time alerts and data feeds. Clarity's three-dimensional accuracy levels are superior to previous solutions, which use infrared, thermal or two-dimensional images, typically delivered by monocular cameras. 

HRS will take this technology and work with organisations to understand their customers' behaviour. This understanding will be used to deliver a working solution, integrating components which improve how people move through the physical environment and interact with it - making the experience better and safer for the customer, and more profitable for their client.


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