Stemmer Imaging to distribute Xenics cameras in the UK

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Stemmer Imaging has signed an agreement with Xenics for the exclusive distribution in the UK of cameras for industrial and system integration applications. This comprehensive range of cameras is not restricted to imaging just in the thermal imaging region of the infrared spectrum (long wavelength infrared), but also in the short, medium and very long regions of the infrared spectrum.

The extended wavelength imaging capabilities offered by Xenics cameras is achieved through the use of a variety of IR detectors, including InGaAs that offers a spectral range of 0.9–1.7µm, 1.0–2.2µm and 1.0-2.5µm. Cameras are available with various resolution and frame rate options. A wide variety of linear detector arrays for linescan imaging are also available.

The Xenics range of industrial infrared cameras and detectors offers high accuracy, high repeatability and high reliability. They can be used to assist in controlling and steering mechanical and computerised manufacturing equipment such as conveyor belts, machine tools and robot arms. The availability of popular Ethernet, CameraLink and USB 2.0 data transfer interfaces make them easy to integrate into existing process control systems.