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3D camera startup secures €2.1m investment

Photoneo, a Slovak-based company developing 3D object sensing, has secured a €2.1 million seed investment. The investment was led by Prague-based venture capital firm Credo Ventures, with the participation of several co-investors including the investment arm of RSJ, one of the largest algorithmic trading companies in the world, co-founder of ESET Miroslav Trnka, Avast’s co-founders Eduard Kuèera and Pavel Baudiš, CEO of Ximea Max Larin, and founder of Finviz Juraj Ïuriš.

Photoneo’s 3D object sensing is based on an advanced structured light technique, whereby a set of coded patterns is projected on the object under inspection. The company’s PhoXi scanner family has its own projection system, CMOS sensors from Sony and graphics processing units from Nvidia.

The camera is able to deliver 16 million measurements per second, either at 3.2 megapixels at 5pfs or 0.8 megapixels at 20fps. The company says frame rates can reach 60fps, and that the cameras can deliver a motion-blur free 3D reconstruction.

Photoneo is already testing its technology with companies in a wide range of industries including automotive, logistics, air travel and medical devices.

Jan Zizka, CEO of Photoneo said: ‘The newly raised capital will allow our company to finish the image sensor chip thanks to which our camera will operate at full resolution at higher speeds. Additionally, we plan to strengthen our team on both technical and sales side to accommodate the large spectrum of use cases our potential customers are seeking to accommodate.’

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