14 February 2023

Advances in sensors that capture images like real eyes, plus in the software and hardware to process them, are bringing a paradigm shift in imaging, finds Andrei Mihai

The inspection engineer is able to see on the tablet that the structure is free of defects (Credit: Fraunhofer)

14 February 2023

Integrating AI and augmented reality into imaging and machine vision for automated inspection tasks paves the way for faster, more efficient manufacturing, finds Abigail Williams

14 February 2023

Camera and AI-equipped agricultural robots that can till, weed, pollinate and harvest are revolutionising farming, discovers Benjamin Skuse

Arugga's Polly robot pollinates tomato plants in high-tech greenhouses

21 December 2022

Agricultural robots that can till, weed, pollinate and harvest may spell the end for the image of the grizzled farmer in the field, discovers Benjamin Skuse

CCD374 for Sentinel-4 Earth observation satellite. Credit: ESA

07 December 2022

The different requirements of industrial and space imaging have led to distinct sensor development paths that diverge and intersect in interesting ways, as Benjamin Skuse finds out

Image: Caleb Foster/shutterstock.com

22 November 2022

Clever manipulation of light is allowing researchers to image deeper into tissue to ultimately further our understanding of the brain. Abigail Williams investigates

One of SweGreen's eight vertical farm units that it operates across Sweden. Credit: SweGreen

15 November 2022

Automation, lighting regimes, and hyperspectral imaging are unlocking vertical farming’s full potential, finds Benjamin Skuse

Image: atdigit/shutterstock.com

14 November 2022

There’s a renaissance underway in shortwave infrared imaging as thin-film photodetectors come online. Tim Hayes reports

Setup of combined hyperspectral and fundus camera at Peter Stalmans’ lab at KU Leuven. Credit: Imec/KU Leuven

01 November 2022

Investigations are underway into using hyperspectral imaging to screen for a host of medical conditions, as Abigail Williams finds out

Nerian Vision’s stereo vision cameras incorporate an FPGA for real-time 3D imaging. Credit: Nerian Vision

31 October 2022

High-speed 3D cameras were in full force at Vision Stuttgart. Alice Rolandini Jensen explores the technology

Image: klss/shutterstock.com

25 October 2022

Although open-source software is practically ubiquitous in the IT world, there will likely always be a place for proprietary machine vision offerings, finds Benjamin Skuse

Credit: greenbutterfly/shutterstock.com

21 September 2022

In a post-pandemic world, the need for efficient, optimised factories has never been greater, finds Andrei Mihai