Image: Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock.com

01 June 2022

Could computer vision be the key to fully autonomous warehouses? Benjamin Skuse investigates

Vision Components’ Power SoM is an FPGA-based hardware accelerator. Credit: Vision components

01 June 2022

Tim Reynolds asks what developers must consider when building an embedded vision system

Pharmaceutical packaging lines require a very thorough traceability solution. Credit: Cognex

01 June 2022

Abigail Williams finds that traceability systems used in pharma packaging are now becoming more common for consumer goods

Credit: Messe Munich

30 April 2022

More than 900 exhibitors from across the global photonics industry were in attendance

Dr Alireza Rastegarpanah working with a cobot on the task of unbolting a lithium-ion battery. Credit: Dr Alireza Rastegarpanah

25 April 2022

Greg Blackman speaks to the Faraday Institution’s Dr Alireza Rastegarpanah about work to automate disassembly of lithium-ion batteries

Glass inspection normally involves different illumination methods. Credit: MSTVision

24 March 2022

Tim Hayes provides a window into how to find defects in glass

Mathias Bochow, GFZ Helmholtz Centre, Potsdam, is working on the Trace project to track marine plastic. Credit: Frank Schweikert, Aldebaran Marine Research & Broadcast (www.aldebaran.org/en/)

23 March 2022

Abigail Williams speaks to scientists tracking marine plastic using satellite spectral imagery

Image: jamesteohart/shutterstock.com

23 March 2022

Tim Reynolds finds out how vision and AI algorithms are making cities safer

Seaweed is grown on ropes, the moorings and position of which can be tracked by a vision system. Credit: PEBL

11 February 2022

Tim Reynolds on some of the ways imaging is used to farm fish

Image: shutterstock.com/PP77LSK

04 February 2022

David Stuart asks where the opportunities lie for vision firms selling into electric vehicle battery production

The HD-1500 from Omron can handle payloads of up to 1,500kg, making it possible to automate tasks that would normally need a forklift truck. Credit: Omron

21 December 2021

Susan Curtis explores the burgeoning world of autonomous mobile robots

Leica Biosystems' Aperio GT 450 DX is designed for high-volume clinical labs to scale up digital pathology operations. Credit: Leica Biosystems

21 December 2021

From speeding up pathology scanning to event-based sensing, there’s plenty of new technology finding its way into life science labs. Rebecca Pool reports