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Ubicept announces first vision technology evaluation kit

Ubicept, a start-up founded in 2021 by experts in sensors, computer vision and machine learning from MIT and University of Wisconsin, has announced the availability of its first technology evaluation kit: a cutting edge perception system designed to enable truly robust vision for industries like aviation, automotive, trucking, specialty vehicles, robotics and more.

Ubicept’s solution unlocks access to fundamentally better visual information than is possible using conventional solutions.

The technology allows machines to perceive and understand their surroundings in environments that previously made perception impossible: conditions containing both fast motion and low light, and/or brightness variations.

With Ubicept's technology, machines can accurately identify and classify objects, recognise patterns, and even predict future events over the full gamut of visual conditions they might encounter in the real world.

The new technology evaluation kit comes with:

  • A photon-counting camera running Ubicept's advanced firmware, currently capable of producing up to 500fps (equivalent) video at 100 mlux and 140dB dynamic range (these will improve with future firmware updates!)

  • Ubicept's Edge Photon Processing (EPP) suite running on a compact reference computing module for camera configuration, high-speed recording, and advanced software processing of raw photon data

  • All the necessary software components to get started right away with evaluation and experimentation, including a convenient web-based GUI and powerful C++/Python API

  • Access to Ubicept's private developer portal which includes additional documentation, code examples, and firmware/software updates for improved and new functionality

"We are excited to offer this revolutionary technology to our customers and partners with our first evaluation kit," said Sebastian Bauer, CEO of Ubicept. "Our team has decades of experience in the field and a track record of success in both academia and industry. We believe that our machine perception technology has the potential to transform a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and transportation to agriculture and healthcare."

"Today's cameras excel in good imaging conditions," said Tristan Swedish, CTO of Ubicept. "However, when they're pushed beyond their limits with challenging lighting or fast movement, imaging artifacts such as noise and blur can reduce the input quality of the perception algorithms that power today's intelligent systems. Our technology changes that by providing these perception systems with photon-accurate data, thus breaking them free of the limits imposed by low data quality."

As an example of the capabilities of their technology in action, Ubicept provided a demo at CES of their machine perception system which provides a clear example of a new era in autonomy, where safe and reliable perception and classification is possible in all light and motion environments.

"Clearly, the high end automotive camera is being pushed beyond its limits in this example, creating blur," said Swedish. "By comparison, the advanced hardware and software of the Ubicept solution is able to capture the detail of the scene, drastically improving the accuracy of the object classification algorithm.”

The evaluation kit also comes with all the necessary software components, including a web-based GUI and a powerful C++/Python API, to get started right away with evaluation and experimentation. Access to the company's private developer portal, with additional documentation, code examples, and firmware/software updates for improved and new functionality is also included.

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