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Teledyne releases new line of industrial detectors for biomedicine

Teledyne Industrial X-Ray Solutions has announced a new product line of industrial dynamic detectors, based on its radiation-hard IGZO sensor technology.

The Rad-Xcam 1717, 1723 and 3030 detectors are designed for industrial inspection, biomedical and scientific applications.

Teledyne says its Rad-Xcam 1717, 1723 and 3030 performance exceeds industry benchmarks for legacy amorphous silicon and emerging IGZO technologies by providing higher frame rates and image quality at low dose, lower lag, and increased signal-to-noise ratio. 

The proprietary technology and readout integrated circuits powering this detector provide artefact-free images, the firm says, enabling easy integration and ensuring reliable performance.

The high thermal stability assures an efficient workflow with high productivity and reduced system calibration requirements. The detectors are available with different Gd2O2S (GadOx) scintillator options to address a range of resolution and sensitivity requirements. 

The camera interface offers frame rate adjustment, single or multiple frame acquisition, and control of advanced timing modes.

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