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Pleora Technologies' new iPort NTx-Deca embedded interface targets high-reliability applications

Pleora Technologies has released a new embedded interface that seamlessly transmits low latency GigE Vision video and data at 10Gbps over flexible Copper Cat 6A Ethernet cabling for distances up to 100m. The iPort NTx-Deca interface provides an off-the-shelf GigE Vision 2.0 standard compliant solution that ensures interoperability in multi-vendor systems and applications.

The iPort NTx-Deca integrates Image Management Database features to enhance system reliability. For applications such as medical and dental imaging, end-users can store video frames with associated metadata for patient identification, video replay, and traceability. In the event of a power or network failure, image management allows a user to retrieve data to ensure continuous and reliable inspection. 

The embedded interface supports IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to synchronise image capture and imaging system elements, with programmable logic controller (PLC) integration to seamlessly connect to and control critical manufacturing or inspection system components. 

Lead customers are already designing the embedded interface into X-ray flat panel detectors (FPDs) for medical, dental, and industrial applications, contact image sensors, and high-performance machine vision cameras.


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