Photonis launches compact VGA uncooled LWIR camera at Photonics West

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At Photonics West, Photonis has announced the broadening of its MicroCube range with the MIPI-CS2 variant, a small VGA resolution uncooled LWIR camera.

The integration requirements for UAV payloads and handheld devices struggle with trade-off between power consumption, size, image quality and cost. 

MicroCube 640E solves the equation, offering all at once: size, weight and power (SWaP) and image performance in VGA format at an affordable price. This new technological platform allows integrators to easily and quickly design their infrared system, taking benefit of different type of interfaces.

The MicroCube 640E series integrates a native interface variant with well-known data format, and also exist as MIPI-CSI2 variant and USB-UVC one.

As MIPI is the most commonly used interface in high performance applications for point-to-point image and video transmission, Photonis is pleased to propose to its customers a new feature. It will bring added value to their systems by integrating enhanced algorithm capabilities.

“MIPI-CSI interface enables smooth integration of electro-optic systems at reasonable cost. But it is also a gateway to many other video interfaces thanks to the large offer of processing platforms", said Christophe Robinet, Product Marketing Manager at Photonis.

The freedom of design (flex or board-to-board) and the low power are of special interest for the market segments Photonis already serve: UAVs, payloads and handheld devices as well as embedded multi-camera imaging systems. All are fully made in Europe, which prevents our customers from supply chain shortages and regulation changes, while strengthening technological sovereignty.

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