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Ams Osram and Marelli launch dynamic automotive microLED headlights

Together with ams Osram, automotive component manufacturer Marelli has released the h-Digi microLED module, a digital lighting solution that enables fully adaptive, dynamic headlight operation and image projection. 

The new high-resolution module is based on a matrix illumination system – featuring around 40,000 LED pixels (20,000 per lamp). This intelligent solution manages the LEDs selectively to create flexible low-beam and high-beam light distributions, adapting to various driving situations. For example, Town, Country, Motorway or Adverse weather light options are available. 

The module also provides dynamic curve light and precise glare-free high beam block out zones, to avoid blinding oncoming drivers. In terms of safety, the Marelli h-Digi microLED can project warnings or driver assistance images on the road, directly in the driver's field of view. 

The Marelli microLED system is based on ams Osram’s light source Eviyos 2.0. Its combination with a special optical lens system and a new electronic control engineered by Marelli's Automotive Lighting & Sensing division enables the enhanced level of adaptability of the illumination field. This is the first time that LEDs with a size of 40 µm x 40 µm are introduced as pixel elements in vehicle headlamps, Marelli says.  

With pixels smaller than 0,1 degree, the resolution of this illumination matrix system is 10 times more precise than conventional LED glare-free high beam systems currently on the road, according to Marelli. Two micro-LED options are available: an aspect ratio of 1:4, resulting in 25,600 pixels, or an aspect ratio of 1:3, providing 19,200 pixels per lamp. 


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