Vision Components

VC4067 EXview

Vision Components has introduced the new VC4067 EXview smart camera, which is based on a Sony EXview HAD CCD sensor and is suitable for applications that require high light sensitivity.


Vision Components has released a colour sensor version of its intelligent high-performance camera VC4465. The smart camera's key component is a 1GHz processor from Texas Instruments with a computing power of 8,000 MIPS.

EyeSpector Version 1.5

Vision Components has released Version 1.5 of EyeSpector. The new release includes 20 graphically programmable image processing functions, including support for robot vision with the calibration of 2D and 3D images.

VC Smart Reader

Vision Components has introduced its data matrix code reading software. Combined with an intelligent camera, the VC Smart Reader enables quick and reliable identification of 2D codes.


Vision Components has released the new VC4472 Smart Camera, suitable for highly demanding applications. The camera has a 1,600 x 1,200 pixel resolution and a maximum frame rate of 10fps.


Vision Components' new VisiCube camera, which measures only 65 x 45 x 45mm and weighs 170g, provides a highly compact image processing solution for industrial environments.

VCSBC4016 and VCSBC4018

Vision Components has introduced a range of intelligent single board cameras for industrial applications, specially designed for OEM customers.


Vision Components has added to its range of intelligent cameras with the VC44xx camera series, which is suitable for highly complex applications.

DataMatrix 4.2

Combined with a DataMatrix code reader, intelligent cameras from Vision Components can identify two-dimensional codes which are, for example, printed on pharmaceutical drug packaging.


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