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VC4012 nano camera line

Vision Components has introduced the VC4012 nano camera line designed for applications with limited installation space. The camera measures only 80 x 45 x 20mm. This high degree of miniaturisation was reached by populating both sides of the board with components.

The cost-efficient intelligent camera features a CMOS sensor with a 5 Megapixel resolution. Thanks to the CMOS technology, the camera is optimally suited for use in high-speed applications. With a 400MHz processor and a computing power of 3,200MIPS, the nano camera provides high performance and is easy to integrate. Basic equipment includes 4MB Flash EPROM and 64MB DRAM for program and data storage, which can be optionally extended to 128MB. Furthermore, the smart camera features a 100MBit Ethernet interface and an external trigger input that enables jitter-free image recording even at high reading frequencies. The Ethernet interface allows for video output on a PC. Two digital inputs and four outputs ensure integration into existing automation environments.


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