Teledyne Dalsa

Thin and fast

Line scan cameras are the go-to solution for high-speed and high-resolution inspection applications across several industries - but even in such a thoroughly established branch of machine vision, vendors are pushing developments at an impressive pace, as Stephen Mounsey discovers

Piranha3 16k line scan camera

Dalsa has introduced the Piranha3 16k CMOS line scan camera. This high-speed model features 16k resolution with a 3.5µm pixel size and a 70kHz line rate for ultra-fast 1,146 Megapixels per second throughput

Genie HC series

Dalsa has launched a new series within its Genie line of affordable, easy-to-use, GigE Vision-compliant cameras

Quality in quantity

Quality assurance inspections are the bread and butter for machine vision. Greg Blackman looks at some classic QA applications using vision

Inspection in HD

Inspecting the various components and production steps that go into ensuring every pixel on an LCD high definition TV - all two million of them - is fully operational is something that cannot be achieved without machine vision, as Greg Blackman discovers

A bumper harvest

Greg Blackman looks at where machine vision is finding uses in agriculture and for grading and sorting foodstuffs


Dalsa has released a Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)-ready Vision Appliance called GEVA, (standing for GigE Vision Appliance)


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