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Using TurboDrive to Exceed GigE Boundaries

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TurboDrive™ is a proprietary and patent-pending data encoding technology that enables cameras to transmit 100% of image information at a rate exceeding the constraints of gigabit Ethernet. TurboDrive uses image entropy based encoding to model pixel information with no loss of information. This enables faster data transmission on the link as each pixel is comprised of fewer bits for encoding.

Piranha XL and Xtium CLHS

The availability of the Camera Link HS-compatible Piranha XL CMOS TDI line scan camera and Xtium CLHS frame grabbers has been announced by Teledyne Dalsa, a Teledyne Technologies company


Teledyne Dalsa has introduced TurboDrive, a proprietary and patent-pending data encoding technology that allows select Teledyne Dalsa GigE Vision cameras to achieve impressive speeds

Sourcing the Best Camera for Your Vision System

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So you need a camera. You’re designing a vision system and know your application, your performance expectations, and you have a general idea of how that might translate into camera specifications and cost. But there are a lot of variables! There are so many ways to solve your vision requirement.

Boa2 smart camera

Teledyne Dalsa announced its next generation BOA2 Smart Camera featuring higher resolution imaging, dual-core processing and embedded iNspect Express application software

The pick of the pixels

Greg Blackman looks at flat panel display inspection, where the higher resolution of displays and high-speed production make the inspection task particularly demanding

Sapera LT version 8.0

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision, today announced the release of Sapera LT (ver. 8.0) a field-proven image acquisition and control Software Development Kit (SDK)

Vision in lane

Jessica Rowbury looks at the latest vision technology for ITS, including a system for monitoring six lanes of traffic


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