Specialised Imaging

SI Tracker 2

Specialised Imaging has launched a new version of its Trajectory Tracker video tracking system to correlate high-speed video data with 3D visualisation and measurement information


Specialised Imaging has released the T-Cam, a scientific CCD camera designed to enable high-resolution imaging of transient events

SI Trajectory Tracker

Specialised Imaging has extended the capabilities of its SI Trajectory Tracker for tracking projectiles with unpredictable flight behaviours

SureShot for SIR2 camera

Specialised Imaging has released SureShot real-time hardware for its SIR2 camera that enables researchers to accurately record and analyse projectiles with unpredictable velocities.

Specialised Imaging Shadowgraph camera

Specialised Imaging has introduced the Specialised Imaging Shadowgraph (SIS) camera enabling high resolution digital imaging of ultra fast events in ambient as well as low light environments.

OT-2 Optical Trigger

Specialised Imaging has introduced the OT-2 Optical Trigger, which can be used as a general purpose optical detector that detects either a very bright flash of light or an object moving across its field of view

Trajectory Tracker

Specialised Imaging has launched the Trajectory Tracker, which is a next generation video projectile tracking system.


Specialised Imaging, a manufacturer of ultra high-speed imaging systems and components, has introduced the SIL-2 family of high performance, gated image intensifier systems.


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