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Specialised Imaging has released the T-Cam, a scientific CCD camera designed to enable high-resolution imaging of transient events.

Integrating high performance 4k x 3k image sensors, the T-Cam is able to capture images of transient events at up to 11 million pixel resolution. The ability to operate at shutter speeds faster than 1µs eliminates motion blur. This together with high optical sensitivity across a 12-bit dynamic range enables the T-Cam to provide excellent image quality.

Because accurate triggering is crucial to the ability to capture transient events, the T-Cam is equipped with two sophisticated trigger inputs capable of accepting trigger signals from almost any source. The SI Sure-shot velocity triggering system is also incorporated for use where appropriate. The Sure-shot system takes an input from two spatially separated detectors allowing the camera to calculate the correct exposure timing irrespective of the subject's velocity. Two independent customer-programmable pulse outputs are also included in the T-Cam to allow control of external lighting or other instruments.

Combining robust, compact design with intuitive software, the T-Cam is a point and shoot scientific CCD camera that enables even occasional users to capture top quality images from transient events. Typical applications for the T-Cam include bio- chemiluminescence imaging, gas flow imaging, photochemistry, photophysics, time-resolved spectroscopy, transient absorption, emission spectroscopy and shadowgraphy.


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