Specialised Imaging

Simx high-speed framing camera

The SIMX Ultra High-Speed Framing Camera from Specialised Imaging offers the ultimate in ultra-high-speed imaging performance to scientists and engineers across all disciplines

SIL2 range

Specialised Imaging has introduced a new high speed relay lens to enable easy interfacing of its SIL2 range of image intensifiers to almost any high speed camera or video system

OT3 optical trigger

Specialised Imaging, of Tring, UK, has been assigned the worldwide rights by California-based SFW to manufacture and market its new range of optical triggers


Specialised Imaging has introduced Kirana, an ultra high-speed video camera that combines the flexibility of video technology with the resolution of an ultra high speed framing camera

SIM Cerberus system

Specialised Imaging's new SIM Cerberus system can control up to 32 individual ICCD cameras, at framing rates up to 200 million frames per second

SIM ultra-fast framing camera

Specialised Imaging has developed the capability on its SIM ultra-fast framing camera to make precise temperature measurements at different points in a high-speed event

SI-IMS300 flash unit

Specialised Imaging has launched a range of high power Xenon flash units optimised to give a small concentrated high intensity beam for use with ultra high-speed cameras


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