Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions

Imaging at super resolution

Greg Blackman explores the latest advances made in scientific CMOS sensors and asks whether CCDs still have a place in life science imaging


Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions has announced a new cubic-sized module, the XCL-CG510 in its 5.1 MP range of Camera Link machine vision modules based on its GS CMOS modules.

Starvis IMX327

Sony Semiconductors releases its new Starvis IMX327 sensor as a more sensitive successor to the IMX290

IMX324 stacked CMOS image sensor for ADAS

Sony has released the IMX324, a new 1/1.7-type stacked CMOS image sensor equipped with a high resolution 7.42 effective megapixel RCCC filter for forward-sensing cameras in advanced driver-assistance systems

Sony XCG-CG160

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions has introduced the first in a new series of SXGA modules GS CMOS sensors - the Sony XCG-CG160

Virtual viewpoint

Rob Ashwell finds that logistics, healthcare and research are turning to consumer imaging systems for their needs

Sony Europe

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions division develop and manufacture component cameras for the most demanding applications. Its unique combination of the best sensors, lens technologies and DSP software enable sharper images at higher speeds even in low light conditions. Applications include: inspection, security, ITS, videoconferencing, scientific and medical markets.

IMX273 and IMX287

Sony has launched two powerful 1/3” sensors in the second generation of its CMOS Global Shutter image sensors - the IMX273 and the IMX287

Turning systems into solutions

Matthew Dale explores the art of vision integration, including system design methods and how new standards will help integrators and end-users alike


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