Inspector I20-UV Flex

Sick has introduced the Inspector I20-UV Flex, designed for inspecting the edges of highly light-absorbing, deep blue solar wafers

ICR840-2 ATEX image code readers

Sick has released the ICR840-2 ATEX image code readers for reading 1D barcodes and 2D data matrix ECC200 codes for product traceability, safety and identification under hazardous area conditions

IVC-3D 100

Sick IVP has upgraded its IVC-3D 100 smart camera with a high-power (class IIIb/3B) laser, which is able to provide 3D imaging solutions for very dark parts or surfaces

Inspector I40

Sick has introduced the Inspector I40 2D vision sensor, which it claims can inspect products faster, with better definition, higher reliability detection, and wider fields of view than its predecessors

Inspector I20

Sick UK has launched the advanced Inspector I20 2D vision sensor providing high performance in a flexibile system and offering a high level of detail precision at short/wide or long distance inspections.

ICR845-2 Image Code Reader

Sick has introduced the ICR845-2 Image Code Reader Series for high quality industrial product code reading of 1D and 2D data matrix ECC200 codes for traceability, safety and identification.


The IVC-3D Smart Camera is suitable for inspection, positioning and measurement tasks. The IVC-3D brings detail and accuracy to inspection and robot picking on the production line.


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