Qioptiq, An Excelitas Technologies Company

Imaging aids forensic findings

A new automated approach is helping engineers in vision technology and forensics to identify rare traces, which can be essential in solving a crime


Excelitas (booth 1441) will be showcasing several new high-performance optoelectronics products, including the Optem Fusion micro-inspection lens system from Qioptiq

Fetura+ high-speed zoom lens

Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies Company and global technology leader focused on delivering innovative optical and photonic solutions, introduces Fetura+ Advanced Zoom Lens

MeVis-CF lenses

Qioptiq has introduced MeVis-CF lenses, providing excellent imaging performance in a compact, rugged housing

Inspec.x L 4/105

Qioptiq has expanded its Inspec.x L lens series with the Inspec.x L 4/105 that includes a prism module

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