Princeton Instruments

eXcelon detector technology

e2v (Chelmsford, UK), Princeton Instruments (Trenton, USA) and Photometrics (Tucson, USA) have jointly launched the eXcelon back illuminated Charge Coupled Device (CCD) and Electron Multiplication CCD (EMCCD) detector technology

Pixis 1300 CCD series

Princeton Instruments (PI) has added the Pixis 1300 CCD series to its product portfolio, which adds three configurations to the Pixis line of cameras

ProEM EMCCD cameras

Princeton Instruments has launched ProEM, a high performance EMCCD camera platform for the scientific imaging market

MegaPlus EP16000

Princeton Instruments' MegaPlus EP16000 camera is now available with GigE Vision interface. The camera models of the MegaPlus series are ideal for medical imaging.

MegaPlus EC16000

The MegaPlus EC16000 is an actively cooled, high resolution 16 Megapixel digital camera. It is designed to separate and isolate the camera's primary electronics from the sensor cooling path resulting in true 12-bits per pixel at virtually any ope


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