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MegaPlus EP16000

Princeton Instruments' MegaPlus EP16000 camera is now available with GigE Vision interface. The camera models of the MegaPlus series are ideal for medical imaging and reach a colour depth of true 12 bits per channel with a resolution of 4872 × 3248 pixels.

The camera is available with a colour or a greyscale sensor and uses optimised shooting conditions to prevent even fine details from being obscured by noise. The compact enclosure houses a 16 Megapixel interline progressive scan CCD with a sensor area of 36 × 24mm. As a result, a comparatively large area of 7.4 × 7.4μm is available for each pixel. In addition, passive (EP16000) or active (EC16000) cooling and an optional fan lower the sensor’s temperature and hence, image deterioration caused by dark current noise is reduced to a minimum. Camera data can be transferred at full resolution with a rate of up to 3.2fps using a FireWire, CameraLink or GigE Vison interconnection.


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