MV1-D1280 camera

Photonfocus has introduced the MV1-D1280 camera series based on the e2v 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor

Handled with care

Random bin picking holds great potential for automating manufacturing, but it's still incredibly complex. Greg Blackman looks at the vision technology required to guide robots in pick-and-place applications

DS1-D1312 and MV1-D1312(I) cameras

Photonfocus has introduced the monochrome DS1-D1312 and MV1-D1312(I) cameras, with CameraLink interface; nine CMOS cameras based on the company's third generation CMOS imagers, A1312 and A1312I.


The 3D-Starter-Kit from Photonfocus provides a simple kit for laser triangulation. It allows 3D measurements to be made in less than half a day


Photonfocus' intelligent camera SM2-D1024-80 is supported by Halcon 9.0 software from MVTec Software. Photonfocus is member of the MVTec partner programme.


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