Opto Engineering

Lessons in training neural nets

Limited data is a common problem when training CNNs in industrial imaging applications. Petra Thanner and Daniel Soukup, from the Austrian Institute of Technology, discuss ways of working with CNNs when data is scarce

Lighting goes organic

CCS now offers a range of OLED industrial lighting panels, which are opening up new possibilities in machine vision, writes Paul Downey, marketing manager at CCS Europe

Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering will be exhibiting at both Automate (#8156) and the UKIVA Machine Vision conference

LTBP series

LTBP series are high power LED backlights designed to provide exceptional illumination performances and excellent uniformity.

TC12K lenses

Opto Engineering has released a new member of its telecentric lens family, the TC12K lenses for 12k and 16k pixel line scan cameras

TCDP and TCZR Multi Mag Optics

Opto Engineering has introduced Multi Mag Optics. The series, TCDP and TCZR, are an optimal solution for imaging and measurement requiring accurate magnification

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