Body image

Keely Portway looks at some of the miniature imaging technology used in endoscopes

OV2311 sensor with Smart Eye algorithm

OmniVision Technologies announced at AutoSens Detroit its collaboration with Smart Eye to integrate OmniVision’s 2-megapixel image sensor with Smart Eye’s sensing algorithm library in a turnkey driver and cabin monitoring solution

OS08A20 NIR sensor

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OS08A20, the latest addition to its family of image sensors equipped with the company’s Nyxel near-infrared technology

Global shutter for ADAS

Cliff Cheng, senior director of automotive marketing at OmniVision Technologies, details its latest global shutter sensor for industrial and automotive imaging

Nyxel NIR sensor

OmniVision Technologies has introduced Nyxel, a near-infrared technology that uses novel silicon semiconductor architectures and processes to tackle challenges that plague existing approaches to NIR detection in image sensors

OV6948 image sensor

OmniVision Technologies has introduced the OV6948, one of the world’s smallest commercially available image sensors


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