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OV2311 sensor with Smart Eye algorithm

OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, today announced from AutoSens Detroit its collaboration with Smart Eye to integrate OmniVision’s latest 2-megapixel image sensor with Smart Eye’s sensing algorithm library in a turnkey driver and cabin monitoring solution that targets automotive OEMs. OmniVision’s new OV2311 is the industry’s first 2-megapixel sensor with global shutter and an ASIL B rating in a small package, which are critical features for automotive applications that require high-precision gaze and eye tracking. This sensor-plus-algorithm solution enables the full range of driver and cabin monitoring implementations, from safety applications to augmented reality displays and interior sensing with deep neural networks and AI.

“Automotive OEMs need image sensors that are certified to ASIL B for level-3 autonomous vehicles, beginning with 2021 models,” said Marius Evensen, senior automotive technical marketing manager at OmniVision. “The OV2311’s ASIL B certification includes advanced safety features. Additionally, by pairing it with Smart Eye’s sensing algorithm, we are providing OEMs with a robust, turnkey solution that meets the most demanding automotive industry requirements.”

Eye- and gaze-tracking cameras need to be small and unobtrusive so that drivers do not feel they are being monitored, but smaller cameras tend to run hot and create excess system noise. The OV2311 image sensor, which comes in a chip-scale package, consumes half the power of competing 1-megapixel solutions, keeping the temperature under control without sacrificing performance. Its high pixel density enables a wide field of view for a larger headbox to adjust for various driver seat positions, along with clear, precise images for tracking gaze. Additionally, the wider field of view opens the opportunity for sensing throughout the cabin interior, including passengers as well as the driver.

“Our long-term, close working relationship allowed us to seamlessly merge our proven eye-tracking algorithm expertise with OmniVision’s industry-leading image sensors,” said Karolina Wikander, head of business management at Smart Eye. “OmniVision’s OV2311 is now the benchmark for the driver monitoring industry. Our combined solution benefits automotive OEMs needing a complete hardware and software package that has been thoroughly tested and is ready to implement in a wide variety of vehicles.”

The two companies are in discussions with multiple automotive OEMs, covering a significant number of upcoming car models.


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