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Optical Wizard 2.0

Navitar, a supplier of high magnification imaging optics for machine vision and biomedical applications, has launched its second generation interactive online lens selector tool, the Optical Wizard 2.0.

Navitar's first generation Optical Wizard was launched in April 2006 as a resource tool for choosing a lens or complete lens system for machine vision or electronic imaging applications. Version 2.0 expands on the existing functionality and offers a more appealing and streamlined look. The user-friendly interface and step-by-step process simplify lens selection and offers users a resource for optical vision support and solutions.

Users can enter lens requirements and selection criteria, such as camera sensor format, object size, working distance and desired camera mount. Additional features such as fluorescence, UV, telecentricity and motorisation, can also be specified. Once data is entered, the user is presented with product families that match application requirements along with pricing.

A wider screen display, enhanced interactivity and additional visual elements were also key enhancements. As users move further into the wizard adding additional items and accessories to complete the lens set up, they will encounter more in-depth descriptions, cleaner side-by-side system comparisons, and the new ability to test drive a lens system.

Once the ideal system is created, the equipment is displayed with final pricing, mechanical drawings and further comparison between original user input and performance output of the lens selection. The user has the option to add items to an online shopping cart, contact Navitar and speak further to an applications engineer, or contact a Navitar dealer for complete system integration.


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