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Dual view imaging system

Navitar has introduced a versatile dual view imaging system, allowing customers to simultaneously view a single subject and capture an image at multiple fields of view (FOV).

For situations requiring multiple fields of view, Navitar’s dual view module offers, with just one setup, a single objective lens presented to two separate imaging channels. The channels can be fixed, zoom, or a combination of both. Two separate light sources and wavelengths can be used, allowing inspection of multiple types of materials. The use of different adapter tubes on each optical path provides a wider FOV than a traditional single view system, without the hassles of changing workstations or lighting setups.

The dual view system has a minimum potential optical magnification range of 0.09X to 6.13X, which corresponds to FOVs as large as 120mm diagonal on a 2/3-inch format sensor down to a 0.65mm diagonal on a 1/4-inch sensor. Maximum optical magnification using the dual view system can range from 20X to 583X using a 50X objective.

Navitar’s dual view system consists of a combination of fixed 1X tube lens, precise eye, zoom 6000, or 12X zoom, dual view fold block, LED and adjustable LED light sources, and adapter tubes.


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