Lucid Vision Labs

5.4 megapixel Triton camera

Lucid Vision Labs has announced that its new 5.4 megapixel Triton camera, featuring Sony’s IMX490 automotive, high dynamic range CMOS image sensor with rolling shutter, has entered series production

Atlas10 10Gbase-T camera

Lucid Vision Labs has announced the series production of the first model of its Atlas10 10Gbase-T camera line featuring the 24.5 MP Sony Pregius S IMX530 image sensor

A point cloud of a National Research Council Canada artefact superimposed on a CAD model. Credit: NIST

Robotics to benefit from 3D vision standard

How do you choose a 3D vision system for a robot cell? Geraldine Cheok and Kamel Saidi at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the USA discuss an initiative to define standards for industrial 3D imaging

Helios2 ToF camera

Lucid Vision Labs has announced that Helios2, the next generation of 3D time of flight cameras, has now entered series production

Pegnitz river in Nuremberg

Cutting-edge processing

Vision technology will be one of the highlights at Embedded World in Nuremberg. Here, we preview what to expect

Surface-based matching in Halcon, from MVTec Software

Measuring the third dimension

Greg Blackman looks at the latest techniques to capture and analyse 3D image data


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