LMI Technologies

Seen from all sides

Coupling vision with a robot can make for a flexible inspection system. Greg Blackman investigates some areas where robotic systems incorporating imaging are finding a use

Gocator 2000

LMI Technologies, a global leader in 3D sensor measurement, has launched the Gocator 2000 series of 3D laser line sensors targeted at factory automation

HexSight 4.1

LMI Technologies has released version 4.1 of its HexSight software for high accuracy recognition and metrology


LMI Technologies has developed a complete modular vision sensor platform of hardware and software components under its FireSync brand. The system allows integration of components into a machine vision system.


The FireSync toolkit from LMI Technologies includes hardware and software to quickly build complex vision systems, providing high performance, multi-channel video processing and precise microsecond time synchronisation.


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