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Chroma+scan 2400 series

LMI Technologies has introduced the Chroma+scan 2400 series, which enables OEMs to integrate a 3D scanning solution into their wood inspection systems that covers both lineal log and board scanning, with fast scan rates, high-density data acquisition, superior dynamic range and ambient immunity.

The Chroma+scan 2400 series includes three models: the 2440 and 2460 for headrig carriage log applications, and the 2430 model for scanning of boards in lineal edger applications.

With an impressive dynamic range, powerful light source, and ambient immunity, the series can scan very dark and wet logs as easily as light coloured logs, even under the challenging conditions typical of sawmill environments. And, with the Chroma+scan 2400 series, no shrouding or special setup is required for semi-outdoor conditions.

The series delivers 3D shapes of boards and logs at fast scan rates (up to 120Hz) and high-density data (at 6-inch spacing). Chroma+scan 2400 sensors can capture an entire 3D profile after a log has travelled just 6-inches along the transport system, which is ideally suited for lineal edger optimisers where there's only a small space between the infeed and the edger.

In addition, the Chroma+scan 2430 provides a shorter 66-inch clearance distance with better X and Z resolution for high accuracy.


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