Laser Components

Laser Components

At booth 1931 Laser Components will present and operate a new generation of line laser modules for machine vision

Xenics infrared cameras

Laser Components has been working with Xenics, a world leading manufacturer of array detectors that span the short wave infrared region of the spectrum

Laser Components

Laser Components will be showcasing its Flexpoint Mini laser diode module, which is now available in 520nm and can be used in 3D imaging

Flexpoint MVfiber Laser Module

The new Flexpoint MVfiber laser module is set to revolutionise machine vision technologies. The MVfiber consists of a laser coupled to a single-mode fibre which can be connected to a variety of fibre laser heads


Laser Components have designed the MVfiber, a fibre delivered laser with a detachable optical head

MVmicro DIG series

With this in mind we are pleased to introduce the MVmicro DIG series; a standard MVmicro Machine Vision laser with an integrated microprocessor which offers various communication and reporting options


Laser Components now presents its first dedicated random pattern generator, the MVstereo


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