Laser Components


Laser Components now presents its first dedicated random pattern generator, the MVstereo

Shining light on life

Greg Blackman investigates the imaging techniques used for high-throughput cellular imaging and super resolution microscopy

Scan lenses

Laser Components has expanded its range of scan lenses to meet an increasing demand for achromatic and telecentric scan lenses

MVfemto laser

Laser Components has launched the MVfemto, a small line laser for industrial image processing

Flexpoint MV series

Laser Components has introduced the MV series of machine vision lasers, including the Flexpoint MVmicroline, producing ultra-thin lines with a line width of up to 5µm

Does this scan?

Greg Blackman on the latest developments in line scan camera technology

Flexpoint laser diode modules

In response to the increasing choice of Flexpoint laser diode modules, Laser Components has changed the part code nomenclature for the dot and line lasers


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