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MVmicro DIG series

One of the most common applications for Flexpoint® laser modules is machine vision - where the laser is paired with a detector (commonly a camera) and used to scan the 3D profile of a component or surface.  With hand-held laser measurement devices becoming more ‘aware’ of their operating parameters in order to perform self-checks and print device health reports, the module team at LASER COMPONENTS turned their attention to integrating this into our Machine Vision (MV) laser series.

With this in mind we are pleased to introduce the MVmicro DIG series; a standard MVmicro Machine Vision laser with an integrated microprocessor which offers various communication and reporting options.  Along with all of the standard homogenous optics with 20% line uniformity, modulation, and wide operating temperatures, the MVmicro DIG can be programmed to switch its modulation and dimming between active high and active low settings, read out operating parameters to a computer terminal, and report environmental conditions and lifetime within the laser module.

Having access to these parameters can provide a significant advantage when standardising the uniform line lasers used across a range of products with different power and modulation requirements.  This also provides the ability to monitor the life time and highest temperature the laser has been used in for evaluation and product failure prevention.

Currently the MVmicro DIG is the only module which can use the digital circuit, and we hope to release this technology across our smaller MV lasers soon.


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