Camera colour pipeline training

The training will start with a short overview of the sensor and the lens, and will then dive into the details of a standard colour pipeline that is used to make a colour image out of the raw sensor signal. The training is accessible to designers, development and test engineers that deal with colour cameras.


Framos (booth 2-647) will be demonstrating a selection of image processing solutions at the exhibition and conference

The Moon landing was 50 years old in 2019. Zeiss lenses were used to capture this image

The best of 2019

The last year has been one of consolidation for the machine vision industry, along with a slowdown in the markets that machine vision serves

From left: Dr Christopher Scheubel, Patrick Bilic, and Dr Andreas Franz

Framos establishes AI spin-off Cubemos

The Cubemos entity focuses on deep learning and AI development, helping industrial customers to integrate AI vision solutions


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