Imaging development kits

BitFlow has released a line of development products specifically designed to assist engineers in the layout and modelling of imaging systems employing the company's Karbon, Neon-CLB and Neon-CLQ frame grabbers

Alta-AN1 analogue frame grabber

BitFlow has released its Alta-AN1 analogue frame grabber, offering cost-conscious semiconductor and industrial vision OEMs an inexpensive alternative to digital camera systems


BitFlow has launched its Karbon-CXP line of frame grabbers, one of the world's first to incorporate the CoaXPress (CXP) standard for moving high-speed serial data from a camera to a frame grabber

Karbon-CL frame grabbers

BitFlow has released its Karbon-CL frame grabbers that perform real-time Bayer colour conversion for Basler's Sprint colour line scan cameras.

Frame grabbers

BitFlow latest digital and analogue frame grabbers and NorPix's StreamPix digital video recording software can now be combined to build system level solutions for high-speed and/or multi-camera streaming video applications.


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