Waste not, want not

Greg Blackman on the inline inspection solutions employed on packaging lines that are helping reduce food waste

LX series cameras

Baumer has added the LX series to its camera portfolio. The LX series cameras feature high-resolution Cmosis sensors and Dual GigE interface

VeriSens software v2.4

Baumer's VeriSens vision sensors now come with latest 2.4 software of the VeriSens Application Suite. Software update 2.4 provides an enhanced user interface for more convenient touch operation

Cameras for customers

Baumer Optronic has been making market-leading camera solutions since 1997, as Warren Clark discovers

VisiLine IP cameras

Baumer's new VisiLine IP cameras have CCD or CMOS sensors and are now available in VGA, 1.3, 2, and 4 megapixel resolutions, achieving frame rates up to 160fps


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